So you’ve found me, a lifestyle photographer based out of the Santa Cruz mountains. I love adventuring, watching movies in blanket forts, tinkering on vehicles and traveling!

What Am I 

all about?

What’s my style? I want to capture you, the real you. Not stuff you into a mold and pose you so you look like everyone else. I want your personality to shine through in the photos! I’m someone who’s about the in between moments, and not everything having to be perfect, ’cause life doesn’t usually happen that way anyways.

I love helping people feel comfortable enough to be real and raw. To have the silly, honest, sometimes awkward moments. Your photos should reflect you, what you want to remember and celebrate it!

I’m not the biggest fan of traditions, or at least ones that are created by others. Make your own, do your own thing. These are your memories to make. If you’ve always dreamed about a big wedding, go for it! If you want to run off and elope in Big Sur, please please please do it.

Not every wedding is the same and neither is every photographer. If you’re down for a hike to get epic views or to run along the beach with the waves chasing you, count me in. If you don’t mind your dress getting dirty and you’ll probably have boots on under it, I’m there. Get married next to a river and then want to dip your feet in afterwards? Yes please! Any of this sound good to you? Then shoot me an email and let’s do this!

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